Roy Eric Xavier, Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley

Director, The Portuguese and Macanese Studies Project
Focus: The Portuguese in Asia and Macanese Immigration (Diaspora)
Research Areas: Cultural history, Ethnic Studies, International relations, Media

Biographical Information


(The following are Working Papers and summaries of on-going research on the Macanese, some (or sections) of which have appeared in academic and general reader publications.

Present Day Macau (Published by Jornal Tribuna de Macau, a Portuguese daily newspaper in China):

Information, Business, and Culture in China

Old Year – New Year: Reflections and Hopes for 2017 (includes survey data on the Diaspora)

The Politics of Cultural Identity in Macau (Part 1)

Issues of Identity and Cultural Isolation in Macau (Part 2)

Cultural Identity, History, and Macau’s Future (Part 3)

Accessing the Macanese Diaspora

Engaging the Macanese: A Case Study

The Global Macanese Network

Profiles of the Macanese Network: The Next Generation

Questions and Answers about the Encontro: the Triennial Meetings in Macau

Macau’s Culture as an Economic Asset
(A Working Paper published by the Portuguese and Macanese Studies Project, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, University of California, Berkeley, November 2015)


Macau’s History:

Luso-Asians and the Origins of Macau’s Cultural Development
(Forthcoming: Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society-Hong Kong, Vol. 57, July 2017, Hong Kong University Press)

Before Macau: Portuguese Colonization and Transnationalism in Asia
(Working Paper – Portuguese and Macanese Studies Project, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, University of California, Berkeley, July 2015)

Family Networks, Diasporas, and the Origins of the Macanese in Asia  (“Review of Culture”, No. 48, 2015, Instituto Cultural do Governo da R.A.E.M. in Macau, China.)

The Settlement of Macao and the Second Macanese Migration in Asia 

Family Networks in Goa and Macau  (an updated version appears in the published version)
Family Networks in Hong Kong  (an updated version appears in the published version)


Family Case Studies:

The Castro-Lopes  Connection

The d‘Aquino-Favacho Connection

Alvares and Barretto: A Tale of Two Families (Part I)
Alvares and Barretto (Part II) 

The Xavier Connection:

A Study of the Hongkong Printing Press, Part 1

The Hong Kong Printing Press, Part II


Research Working and Published Papers:

Women and Men in Early Macanese Society
Colonial Life in 17th Century Macau
The Roots of Macanese Identity 

Portuguese Community Life in Hong Kong: 1841 – 1941
Jose’ Pedro Braga and the Portuguese in Hong Kong
Through the Eyes of J.P. Braga: Early Macanese Settlers in Hong Kong
Turmoil and Instability in Early Hong Kong
Over the Bamboo Ceiling: Early Macanese Enterprise in Hong Kong
Braga: An Analysis of “The Rights of Aliens in Hong Kong” (1895)   

The Macanese Community of Shanghai

Accepted Protocols in Hong Kong Society (draft of notes for a longer paper)

The Origins of Portuguese – Macanese Business in Hong Kong (a preliminary draft)

Death at the Races: The Portuguese Presence during the Happy Valley Fire of 1918(Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong, Vol. 53, 2013)

The Scandal and Trial of Jesuina Xavier (1930’s)

World War II as a “Defining Moment”

The Macanese at War: Survival and Identity among Portuguese Eurasians during World War II   (Published in “Wartime Macau”, Hong Kong University Press, 2016.)

Panic on Whitfield Road – Impressions on the Post-War Macanese Diaspora


Previous Writings:

Essays on United States Media History: 1894 to 2014
(Telegraph, Radio, TV, Cable, and the Internet)