New Videos: Part II of Guido and Guida

May 1st, 2014 1 Comment


In response to reader requests, here are the second half of two video interviews conducted with Guido Sequeira in Downey, California, and with Margarida “Guida” Savant in San Francisco.










1 Comment

  1. Chris Steeves says:

    After watching the video of Guida part 1, I thought we might be related. Now I am convinced that we are because Dr. Eddie Gosano was my dad’s first cousin. Watching part 2 of the video gave me goosebumps listening to the names I knew etc. My dad was also the chief in one of the refugee centres in Macau during the war. I am one of 6 sisters and we have recently been trying to “remember” and find out some of our history to pass on to our kids. I’m guessing from your conversation with Guida that in fact we might also be related? Please feel free to contact me and I will try to gather what little info I have about my father and his life at that time.


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