Guido Sequeira

March 13th, 2014 3 Comments

In April 2012, Guido and Gloria Sequeira allowed me to videotape an interview with them in their home in Downey California. A short segment from that interview was published on this site a few weeks later, in which Guido describes his harrowing escape from Kowloon during the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in December 1941. A few days ago I recalled how honored I felt to record these vivid memories, and to contribute them to the personal stories that are part of the Macanese community’s historical narrative.

That was the day I learned that Guido Sequeira had passed away after a brief illness. To provide a little part of what I felt during that interview, I am re-posting it as a personal eulogy for Gloria and her family. God bless you Guido.


  1. Daryl Sequeira says:

    Thank you for re-posting the video. My father was touched and honored to participate in your project.

    My family is grateful to you that we have this video record of his memories to share.


  2. Would love to see and hear more

    • Roy says:

      Hi Philip,
      I’ll be posting more of the interview soon. To see others, go to the archives tab on the web’s home page and look for video interviews.


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